Thank you for the information. It is very helpful to those who are doing some research.
Gunny Fallon(non-registered)
Great site Patty... Your talent apparently knows no bounds.
Aunt Shirley(non-registered)
Loved your site. Didn't have hard time finding it from work. Will add your address to my home computer. Keep up the good work. Your pictures are great, and so clear. You could almost pet the animals. =)
mary fougere(non-registered)
Hello Pat, thought I might share a photo with you. mf
Kathy Reesey(non-registered)
Nice site Brandi!! Thanks for sharing...I will keep checking back for updates!
Dr. Leanne Cannon(non-registered)
Pics look great! How about doing my Christmas card photo this year? I haven't had a family photo done in years...
Mark Price(non-registered)
looking forward to some business - great start and i know you'll be able to get my HArley to look perfect!
Christine DesAutels(non-registered)
Gunny! Best of luck. Let's update the Mac'n Tosh file.

Love ya,

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